Women’s Wrestling In America: Are Things Fair?

A lot has changed since the Women’s Evolution

Women’s wrestling in 2022 has evolved into many different aspects compared to what was presented to on American television 20-25 years ago.

Around the world, women of wrestling are rising to greater heights whether it be the MOTYC enriched cards of Stardom and TJPW in Japan, the tantalizing masked luchadoras of Mexico, or stateside with the endless amount of diverse, extremely talented Independent wrestlers.

On a nightly basis around the world we are getting quality women’s wrestling matches and feuds which seem to have fans invested.

Main events in many markets are praised online throughout the industry yet what is presented on television doesn’t always reflect that.

Wrestling fans are told with accolades and achievements that women’s wrestling in America is just as important as men’s but does that actually translate to more visibility and  success for the women’s wrestlers?

2 years ago by Righteous Reg



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