WrestleMania Sets Since 2001 Ranked From Worst to Best

WrestleMania Sets Since 2001 Ranked From Worst to Best

One very important part of WrestleMania is the stage. For many, it is the first memory you have of a particular show and can leave you with a good or bad taste in your mouth to start ‘The Showcase of the Immortals’.

As we await WrestleMania 36, we can rank every ‘Mania stage from worst to best since the start of elaborate sets in 2001.

Some ground rules: Only the entranceway will be considered for this list, nothing hanging over the ring will be included in the evaluation. There are no set criteria for this list but we will be ranking the stages based on aesthetic appeal and whether it added to the wrestlers’ entrances or detracted from it.

The quality of the show will also not be taken into consideration when ranking the stages. With that being said let’s get started.

Honorable Mention: WrestleMania IX

While not within the specified timeframe, WrestleMania IX is the first of WWE‘s pinnacle shows to have a theme and a setup designed for it. While the show itself is viewed as one of the worst WrestleManias ever, the set offered a glimpse into the show’s extravagant future.

19. WrestleMania X8

There will not be a whole lot of negativity on this list, as most of these sets are quite beautiful. This set, however, is not one of them.

In only their second year of creating the massive stages we know today, WWE’s creation for this show was hideous. A screen above a large assortment of hanging beams and girders does not scream “Biggest Show of the Year”. A rare low point in WrestleMania’s stage history but it does earn the lowest spot on this list.

18. WrestleMania 29

It’s the Brooklyn Bridge. That’s it. No screens, no big sign, just a bridge. I was not a fan of this set upon initial viewing and it has not improved in my eyes since. What does a bridge have to do with wrestling?

17. WrestleMania 32

The dual section stage was an ambitious take on the traditional setup of WrestleMania. With a star hanging above the entranceway with the show’s logo on it, this stage was different. However, there is a difference between different and good.

While the effects on the floor of the stage were an excellent touch and the first of their kind, having to alternate between shooting wrestlers from below to capture the sign and shooting them from above to get the effects on the floor made this stage a little too much to handle all at once.

16. WrestleMania 35

It is difficult to place this one. While technically speaking this stage is impressive, it is incredibly lazy. It is just a big screen. There was no design involved in this one and it feels like what you would come up with at the last minute.

It is a very big screen though.

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