WrestleTalk Roundtable – WWE SmackDown Live – November 20, 2018

5 years ago by Nicholas Holicki

What was your favourite moment from SmackDown Live?

Steven Lugo

Daniel Bryan’s in-ring promo. It seems everyone is turning from face to heel and back again these days in WWE, so much so that it almost doesn’t matter what our favorite wrestlers believe any more.

In that brave new world, Bryan is unique. He’s the once super-over babyface who can actually get people to boo him. Or at least not cheer as loudly. Fickle! Fickle! Fickle! He painted a vivid picture of a man who allowed Brock Lesnar to “beat the weakness out of him”, a man so possessed by his dreams that he’s become dangerous. The new Daniel Bryan.

Jeffrey Bowie Jr. 

The Daniel Bryan promo. This was a very interesting promo that kept my attention the entire time. When all was said and done, I had so many questions and theories about Bryan’s new character that obviously makes me want to know more.

Bryan stands out in a good way as this is a different character from anyone else on the main roster and his performance was very believable. Like many, I wished WWE did a slow burn heel turn with Bryan. While intriguing, this is a very dark character for him thus turns like these require some time to build; however, what’s done is done and I’m interested in seeing the direction Bryan goes from here.

Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio was the only other decent part of SmackDown. It was a good match with a cool finish. The post-match bit didn’t do much for me. While it fit Orton’s character to a tee, the storyline of a wrestler taking off a luchador’s mask is nothing new and fairly pedestrian at this point.

While I’m not exactly frothing at the mouth over what may come, there’s still some investment in this feud thus far.

Brian Farrell

Daniel Bryan’s heel turn. I was nervous about this, I thought it would either be the best or worst thing on this show, and Daniel delivered. Everything made sense. The fans had gone quieter, and many had given up on him in a way. I loved all of this and am so excited to see where it goes.

Nate Craver

This was a hard one. I’m not sure there was a whole lot to really celebrate about SmackDown tonight. I’m going to go with MizTV. I’m not sure where they are headed with Miz and Shane McMahon, but I enjoyed Miz buttering up Shane.  

We’ll stop there. I don’t know what the payoff of having Miz lose to the Bryant Brothers is, but I am assuming it will pay off. Hmmm… you know what they say about assuming!

Honorable mention: Peyton Royce’s celebration.

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