WrestleTalk YouTube Comments Of The Week – Nothing Under The Jacket?

5 years ago by Andy Datson

WrestleTalk YouTube Comments Of The Week – Nothing Under The Jacket?

Well done everyone. A far better week in terms of comments.

You’ve finally decided to stop talking about how Luke looks different and realised that there are other things to talk about.

Like Keith Apicary for instance.

The winner this week is only the winner because it was such an arousing thought, but then again, that’s how I choose the winner every week.

Anyway, well done to the top 1, the other 9, not so much.


His pectoral muscles must actually resemble cottage cheese by now. The welts left on his chest after the Greatest Royal Rumble which was in the beautiful city of Jeddah in the progressive Saudi Arabia were just horrendous.

Although SmackDown wasn’t as bad, I still imagine Brie had to rub plenty of salve into his chest…lucky.


Clearly you have an inside source at WrestleTalk. It’s difficult to know who it could be given that everyone is so damn trustworthy these days.

To be honest, even I have no idea who or what Keith Apicary is, so he actually might be Emmalina…although I think Keith would look better in that gold dress.



Fakidor is too trustworthy to be a heel unfortunately, so the song simple doesn’t work. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a day named after him though, because there totally should.

Perhaps something catchy like “Eli Fakidor who sometimes presents the news on the YouTube wrestling channel WrestleTalk day”.

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