6 WWE Stars To Leave Factions Soon

6 WWE Stars To Leave Factions Soon WWE

Since taking over WWE’s creative, Triple H has been big on pushing factions on the company’s programming.

Across WWE Raw, SmackDown and NXT there are several groups, and while most are currently in a strong position, there are also some that seem to be at risk of dissolving – or at the least losing a member or two.

Already this year we’ve seen the likes of Imperium lose a member, and while it doesn’t always serve the person breaking away well, it does make for a fresh start.

So, whether it’d be a good thing or not, let’s take a look at six WWE stars who could soon leave their current factions.

6. Damian Priest

The Judgment Day on WWE Raw

On WWE Raw (June 24) a few very interesting stipulations were added to the upcoming WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Damian Priest and Seth Rollins.

While not written down in any contract, the champion and challenger made two big agreements. One – if Rollins failed to defeat Priest, he would not get another opportunity at Priest’s title again.

Secondly, and more relevant to this list, if Priest agreed that if he were to lose at Money in the Bank then he would leave The Judgment Day for good.

In a statement that is sure to lead to some raised eyebrows within The Judgment Day, Damian Priest said the group needed him more than he did them.

Whether Priest wins on July 6 or not it seems like his future in The Judgment Day, and the future of the entire group, are on the rocks .

Between this situation and all the drama surrounding Liv Morgan, Dominik Mysterio and Finn Balor, the Judgment Day could be set for several big changes in the near future.

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4 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan


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