5 Future Plans For Bron Breakker After Crazy Antics On WWE Raw

5 Future Plans For Bron Breakker After Crazy Antics On WWE Raw WWE

Bron Breakker was let loose on the latest episode of WWE Raw, and the question on everyone’s mind at this point is what this actually means going forward.

Breakker absolutely destroyed NXT’s Kale Dixon on Raw, including smashing his head between a steel chair and the steel ring steps, leading to Dixon leaving the venue in an ambulance.

But what does this mean going forward for Breakker after this initial burst onto the scene on WWE Raw? Well, here are five potential future plans that WWE and Triple H may have in mind.

5. World Heavyweight Championship Push

Something that many fans called for right off the bat is an immediate push into the World Heavyweight Title scene for Bron Breakker.

The only issue with that is the plans already seem pretty congested.

We’re clearly getting a Damian Priest vs Drew McIntyre feud for about another month, then we’ll probably transition to McIntyre vs CM Punk, then Seth Rollins is gonna be back at some point – it seems like it might be a while before Breakker has a chance to break into the picture.

And then the question is, how long can you keep using him as this force of dominance before it just becomes silly that he isn’t in involved in the world title stuff. It’s a conundrum Triple H might have to deal with.

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2 months ago by Liam Winnard


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