5 WWE Stars To Join New CM Punk Faction

5 WWE Stars To Join New CM Punk Faction WWE

It feels like there are more factions than ever in WWE right now, but what would happen if there was one led by CM Punk?

It’s not as if he doesn’t have a history of it, having been the leader of the Straight Edge Society and the New Nexus in the past.

So – if CM Punk was to start up a faction in current day WWE, here are five potential members for it.

5. Kofi Kingston

CM Punk is still relatively new to current day WWE so he hasn’t had much chance to establish on-screen relationships with many people – especially not positive ones.

That means the easiest option is to look to his past, and one man he has a great past with is his former World Tag Team Champion partner, Kofi Kingston.

They did even have a brief exchange of pleasantries backstage during Punk’s first appearance back on Raw, so WWE itself has alluded to their history.

Kingston recently teased a character change, and while he probably won’t break away from New Day or anything extreme like that, it’s worth mentioning for the purpose of this list.

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4 weeks ago by Liam Winnard


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