Every WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match Ranked

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Every WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match Ranked

Since 2005, Money in the Bank ladder matches have been among the most anticipated WWE bouts of the year. Full of thrills and spills and featuring a prize that people have been trained to care about, the matches serve as both train wreck stunt shows and the chance to glimpse the future booking plans of WWE. Many wrestlers that fans wanted to see pushed have had their careers significantly enhanced by their MITB wins, which instantly propelled them to probable future World Champions.

In 2010 WWE took the concept a step further, adding Money in the Bank to its annual pay-per-view docket. Typically, it is one of WWE’s strongest shows of the year. The act of cashing-in has also become a significant part of WWE lore, as you can read all about here.

All 22 of the Money in the Bank matches that have taken place over the past 14 years have delivered to a high standard, with none dropping below *** and most flirting with **** or above on Dave Meltzer’s much-ballyhooed ratings scale. Here is a list of every Money in the Bank match ranked according to those ratings.

24. SmackDown Live (2017) – Carmella def. Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Natalya, and Tamina (N/R)

Okay, technically Uncle Dave did not give this one a rating. However, he gave the very similar pay-per-view match ***  so we are assuming based on his comments that it was “sloppier” than the first but “longer” and with “more climb spots” that it evens out as the same score. Speaking of similar, the result itself was identical to the Money In The Bank ’17 result as Carmella climbed the rungs to win/retain the briefcase. This time, righting the wrongs of the PPV, she did it without the help of chinless wonder James Ellsworth.

23. Money In The Bank ’17 – Carmella def. Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Natalya and Tamina (***)

The first-ever women’s Money in the Bank match was marred with controversy. Having been built up by WWE for months as a business-redefining occurrence, the promotion then decided to have James Ellsworth help Carmella win the briefcase. It sent the message, intentional or otherwise, that the woman could only with the match because she had the help of a man. WWE were quite rightly flamed for it, so quickly changed tact and rebooked the match, playing it off as the plan all along.

22. Money In The Bank ’19 – Bayley def. Carmella, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, Mandy Rose, Naomi, Nikki Cross and Natalya (***1/4)

This was the third year that the women were featured in the Money in the Bank match. The issue with these matches is they continue to introduce people who have never had a ladder match before. The experienced ladder match workers like Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks were elsewhere for this match so instead, we got the likes of Nikki Cross and Mandy Rose. What resulted was a fairly clunky but otherwise fun match.

21. WrestleMania XXIV – CM Punk def. Chris Jericho, MVP, Carlito, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin and Mr. Kennedy (***1/4)

By now a WrestleMania tradition, Money in the Bank was becoming a highly anticipated part of the annual supershow. It also meant something, thanks to WWE booking the previous briefcase holders (Edge, RVD and Kennedy) as important players and their cash-ins as major events. Seeing indy darling Punk win the chance at a title shot warmed the hearts of many. It was the first step in the opening of several doors for several others in the future.

20. Money In The Bank ’15 – Sheamus def. Roman Reigns, Neville, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Kane and Randy Orton (***1/2)

Sheamus was not exactly a popular choice when the likes of Neville and Kofi Kingston were also involved, though it seemed inevitable that he would add the accolade to his other WWE successes eventually. Sheamus had actually been scheduled to win the briefcase one year earlier until it changed to a match for the WWE Championship instead due to Daniel Bryan’s injury. And we all know how Vince McMahon likes to stick to a plan regardless of what the fans want.


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