WWE’s Money In The Bank Problem

9 months ago by Tempest

WWE’s Money In The Bank Problem WWE

Money in the Bank is pretty heckin’ good. You ever notice how you never see any lists out there ranking the ten worst Money in the Bank matches? It’s because there aren’t ten bad Money in the Bank matches to work with. Considering how in recent years WWE has seemingly chosen to do deliberate damage to the reputation of their own creations; see Hell in a Cell, see The Fiend, see Retribution, Money in the Bank has had a pretty healthy life.

So why does Money in the Bank not feel quite as special as it used to? It doesn’t have the same aura that it once had but how can that be fixed? The match itself? It’s a f**king ladder match, it’s perfect, there’s nothing to change. For the most part WWE’s Money in the Bank matches have been on par with their other multi-person ladder matches in terms of quality. They’re WWE ladder matches, they’re almost always good. Maybe don’t do that Brock Lesnar s**t ever again, and let’s leave the corporate, cold, socially distanced, double money in the bank match in the past with the rest of 2020. But thankfully 2021 saw the Money in the Bank match return to form a little bit, so I’m more confident that the years prior was more a couple of missed turns rather than a total turn in the wrong direction. The issue then lies in the chase but more importantly, the solution, as even though the 2021 Money in the Bank ladder match may have been the best in the stipulation’s history, somehow the presentation of WWE’s get out of midcard free card has gotten stale, and I won’t stand for it.

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