6 Future Plans For WWE Uncle Howdy ‘Wyatt Sicks’ Faction

6 Future Plans For WWE Uncle Howdy ‘Wyatt Sicks’ Faction WWE

After months of cryptic teases, this week’s WWE Raw (June 17) finally saw the debut of Bo Dallas’ new faction – confirmed to be known as the Wyatt Sicks.

The group which is comprised of Dallas, Nikki Cross, Joe Gacy, Dexter Lumis and a returning Erick Rowan closed the show in Corpus Christie, TX and left a trail of bodies in their wake backstage.

The reveal itself was incredibly well done, and earned a huge response from the live crowd – however, the question now naturally becomes: what next?

A strong debut makes for a memorable moment, but the group’s actual success will be determined by the quality of their booking and they will certainly require some solid storylines to work with on WWE TV as they get established.

So, with that said let’s identify some of the most logical future plans for the Wyatt Sicks in WWE.

6. Jey Uso

WWE star Jey Uso

The most obvious place to start for the Wyatt Sicks seems to be with the man who has most recently adopted a key feature of Bray Wyatt’s entrance – the fireflies.

Despite this being a rather organic implementation that came from the raucous French crowd in and around the time of Backlash – it is perhaps something that could paint a target on Jey’s back.

While they didn’t physically confront Jey, the group did also happen to interrupt Jey’s celebration in qualifying for the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

That may be a matter of circumstance rather than a tease of a Jey Uso feud being in their future, but if it was intentional it certainly wouldn’t be a bad place to begin.

In order to get the group over as a top heel act they’re going to need popular babyfaces to face-off with, and right now there’s few hotter than ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso.

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