WWE Plant FAKE FANS For ROMAN REIGNS?! | WWE Raw, Apr. 23, 2018 Review

5 years ago by Oli Davis

Roman Reigns fOreVER!

…the not-getting-paid-by-the-tribute Brock Lesnar, who kicked off the show by looking menacing while Paul Heyman cut a typically very well delivered promo. Spoiler: Brock’s retaining at Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble. Spoiler: Brock’s going to dominate Reigns in a steel cage. Spoiler: those several fans chanting ‘Roman’ at ringside are quite clearly plants.

Yes, it’s come to this folks. The last spasms of a dying idea. When reality doesn’t behave the way you want it to, you change reality – like a madman pushing back the tide with a broom.

During Heyman’s most dastardly taunts, the camera would cut to one group of fans at ringside, but from different angles so it looks like they’re not all in the same place. Four times this same section were cut to, with grey shirt baseball cap man getting more WWE screen time than Mike Kanellis’ entire 2018.

They would then chant ‘Ro-man, Ro-man, Ro-man’ with their fists punching in unison with about as much conviction as a North Korean military parade. I’ve seen 2D SmackDown Just Bring It audience members more convincing.

It’s pathetic, really. That WWE have to go to such lengths to reverse engineer crowd reaction. Hot take: the Roman Reigns experiment is a failure. Whatever this is needs to stop.


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