WWE Raw LIVE COVERAGE – September 3, 2018 – WrestleTalk

WWE Raw LIVE COVERAGE – September 3, 2018 – WrestleTalk


For the first time in ages, that was actually a really good episode of Raw.

Surprising new Raw Tag Team Champions, an Undertaker return, and seemingly a huge war going on between the heels and babyfaces on the brand.

This really could kickstart a new dawn for Raw.

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As Braun, Dolph and Drew continue to beatdown Bálor post-match, it seems the SHIELD have STOLEN A POLICE VAN and are back in the arena.

They look to confront the heels, but are ambushed from behind by all the Raw heels from the locker room. Kevin Owens, the Ascension, Mike Kanellis, they’re all there. Even 205 Live‘s Drew Gulak for some reason.

This is a mass beatdown on the SHIELD.

This is chaos.

This is boss.


Braun wins. Went pretty much exactly as you’d have expected, that one.


Up next, it’s main event time, as Finn Bálor takes on Braun Strowman!


Well that was genuinely really funny.

Lashley and Mahal were “Shanti”-ing, before the ‘Dominator’ was attacked from behind by a returning Kevin Owens, who hit Lashley with an apron Powerbomb!


Baron Corbin has ordered the world’s smiliest man and sister-lover Bobby Lashley to attend in-ring peacefulness classes or something with the master of the “Shanti” Jinder Mahal.



Sasha wins with a roll-up because Titus and Apollo were arguing over something.

And now she’s stormed off from both of them.



Dana just botched a tag.

Jesus H. Christ.


It’s the Boss ‘N Hug Connection vs. Dana Brooke and… Ember Moon.

Right. Whatever.


“It’s Boss time.”

Now I hate this show again.

Good job, Cole.


We’re not getting Corbin vs. Bálor! Get in there!

Corbin has instead substituted in Braun Strowman as Finn’s opponent for the main event.


Wow. That was great.

‘HBK’ claiming he stayed retired out of respect for the Undertaker, but the ‘Deadman’ calling it out as “fear.”

Chilling stuff. Could we get a Triple Threat? Michaels as Special Referee? Maybe another ‘Taker v ‘HBK’ match at some point?

Either way, wowzers.


Shawn Michaels is very much in Triple H’s camp for Super Show-Down and he’s doing his best to plug the WWE Network but… GONG!

The Undertaker is here! For the first time since Greatest Royal Rumble, the Undertaker is present on WWE TV.

This is huge.


Oh for God’s sake the Bellas are back.

Make them go away please.

They just offered to train Ronda hahahahahaha.


Shawn Michaels is up next to discuss Triple H’s bout with the Undertaker at Super Show-Down.

Notice how I’m not referring to it as the “last time ever.” I will never believe that. Even when they’re both dead.


Right so quite a bit is going on here.

Drake Maverick is now AOP’s manager.

They’re not called the Authors of Pain anymore, just ‘AOP.’ For some reason.

Drake is still 205 Live GM.

And now Akam and Rezar are killing some jobbers.

I’m confused but also intrigued.



What on earth?



McIntyre and Ziggler win a very good match, and are now atop of the tag team division.

Yeah, this is boss. The best thing to happen on Raw in absolutely ages.

This has genuinely made me happy. I don’t know what to do.


The match has apparently been officially sanctioned, and it will be Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre challenging the B-Team for the Raw Tag Titles.

Unpredictability. I like it. This is genuinely good stuff.


The B-Team look very happy for a pair of blokes who are about to die in a couple of minutes.


McIntyre and Ziggler want a shot at the Raw Tag Titles tonight, despite the Revival already being advertised to challenge the B-Team.

Looks as though they might batter them so they can take Dash and Dawson’s spots. Interesting. But poor Revival.

As I was typing that, that’s exactly what happened.

Looks like we might be getting DolphIntyre vs. B-Team instead. Yeah, I’m down with this.


There’s still about two hours left everyone. Hooray.


Bliss just won with an Armbar, but more importantly, Natalya screaming just made my ears bleed profusely.


It is in fact Alexa taking on Natalya.

I’m sure this one won’t be boring (I lied).


Up next it’s Natalya against… someone. I wasn’t paying enough attention. Nor do I care.


Reckon Alexa v Trish is going to be an Elias on a Pole match?

Wait, now Rousey’s here to a chorus of boos. “What an ovation” says Cole. Shut up you utter spanner.


Alicia Fox isn’t wearing a forest on her head this week, which is disappointing. I thought she was supposed to be crazy?

Oh and now Alexa’s heeling it up.


Elias was being boss as usual, and hometown hero Alexa Bliss has just interrupted him.

She has Alicia Fox with her, for some reason. And Mickie James with her, for some reason.


Elias is next.

The shining light in a giant heaping pile of feces.


The story of that match was that Roode is a bit naff but Chad Gable’s dead good and criminally underrated.

So, it was true to real life then.


Why is this a competitive match?

The Ascension were absolutely massacred last week by a bloke who loves his sisters.



Bobby Roode and Chad Gable are a team now apparently.


Can we just have Roode turn on Gable please, it’s what we all want. They’re taking on the Ascension. When was the last time Konnor and Viktor were on TV for two straight weeks?


They’re doing Corbin v Bálor in the main event.

Right, that’s it, out the window I go.


Bálor wants another rematch against Corbin.

Dear God please no.


Brie just did the worst Suicide Dive I’ve ever seen in my life. It was like she just flopped through the ropes in slow motion.

Anyway, Nikki won with the Rack Attack 2.0 to pin Morgan.

Can they go away now please?


If we all start watching Total Bellas, will they eventually just go away?


This is dreadful so I’ve taken the opportunity to take a look at the results from Main Event.

Tyler Breeze beat Mike Kanellis, and Mojo Rawley beat Zack Ryder.

Well I was just about to flick back to Raw but she just did the “YES!” Kicks and shouted “BRIE MOOOODE!” so no can do, folks. Sorry.

Oh well, now there’s MORE COMMERCIALS anyway.


Liv Morgan just did the “You Can’t See Me” gesture towards Nikki.

Damn, that’s cold.


More commercials approximately four seconds after the last ones finished.

The match is not yet underway. Or it might be but there are commercials so I DON’T KNOW.


The SHIELD have just been arrested for wanting to wrestle on a wrestling show.

Oh God it’s time for the Bellas. At least we’re getting it out the way early.


“Two legendary returns” are being promoted for tonight.

One of the is Shawn Michaels. Great. That’s boss.

The other is the Bella Twins.



Acting Raw GM Baron Corbin is sending the locker room out to ringside to prevent a brawl between the three trios, but it’s to no avail.

A massive pull apart brawl takes place (weird seeing one that doesn’t involve Lesnar), and now we’ve gone to commercials in the middle of it. Fantastic.

That was a decent opening but was ruined by commercial break timing.


This is just really strange.

It’s a massive brute, a massive brute, and then there’s just Dolph Ziggler stood there.

Either way, I think it’s safe to say Braun is fully heel now.

They spend a bit of time badmouthing the SHIELD, but the Hounds are in the building!


And the show opens with Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre and RENEE’S BACK ON COMMENTARY YERRRRRRRRSSSSSSSEEEEE!

The crowd has no clue what to do with these three guys.


A couple of last minute thoughts before the show starts.

If we see Finn Bálor vs. Baron Corbin again I will have an actual breakdown.

One thing that can salvage this show is Chad Gable answering one of the open challenges. Be it Intercontinental or even Universal, that would make me very, very happy.


It’s almost time for WWE Raw everyone.

Erm… yay?

If you’re not already throbbing with adrenaline and passion, it’s the in-ring return of the Bellas tonight! I can’t contain my excitement.

Check out our preview for tonight before the show starts, but here’s what we all have to look forward to:

  • The Bella Twins vs. The Riott Squad
  • The B-Team (c) vs. The Revival – Raw Tag Team Championships
  • Shawn Michaels to appear regarding Triple H vs. Undertaker at Super Show-Down
  • Probably other things

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