6 WWE Stars To Join New Rhea Ripley Faction

6 WWE Stars To Join New Rhea Ripley Faction WWE

When Rhea Ripley makes her return to WWE, what if she decides to form a brand new faction to back her up?

With Judgment Day disappointing in her absence, and potentially get caught up in Liv Morgan’s shenanigans, it could be time for Ripley to ditch Judgment Day and form a new group of her own.

Who would that group consist of? Here are six WWE stars who could be included.

6. Damian Priest

Damian Priest Rhea Ripley

Let’s start off with one member of Judgment Day that Rhea Ripley might want to keep in touch with.

Other than Ripley, Damian Priest has been by far the most reliable and successful Judgement Day member, both while Ripley has been present, and also when she hasn’t.

They were the original members of the group alongside Edge, and it’s a relationship that just doesn’t seem to be worth breaking up, even if other members of Judgment Day aren’t involved.

It could even be an interesting dynamic in its own right – a ‘power couple’ of sorts but without actually being a couple. Just a member of the women’s division and a member of the men’s division who have united in their quest to dominate both.

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2 weeks ago by Liam Winnard


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