WWE Uploads Photo Gallery That Nostalgic Fans Will LOVE

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

WWE Uploads Photo Gallery That Nostalgic Fans Will LOVE

Getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, WWE.com has posted a gallery paying tribute to the romantic occasion, based around current stars recreating classic moments from ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, Shawn Michaels.

We have posted some of the best below but we strongly recommend checking out the full gallery on the WWE site.

The Rockers and Brutus Beefcake

One of the most memorable WWF angles of the 90s, the famous Barbershop talk show segment during which Shawn Michaels shockingly turned heel on long-time Rockers’ partner Marty Jannetty by superkicking him and hurling him through the Barbershop window. He then ripped up a picture of the two of them in WWF Magazine for good measure. What a bastard!

New Day

Our geek hearts exploded at the sight of this. Big E looks fantastic in the Brutus Beefcake role but the general attention to detail is almost too much to bear. The finger point from Xavier Jannetty, Kofi Michaels in his leather jacket looking all pissed off, Big Beefcake shocked at what he is seeing. This is the best picture of the year.

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