WWE Star Has Unfashionable Twitter Row

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

WWE Star Has Unfashionable Twitter Row

‘Prince Pretty’ himself, Tyler Breeze, has begun a Twitter dispute with a fan this week after a video which appeared of Heavy Machinery doing the worm at an NXT live event was blasted by an annoyed devotee.

The worm, which has been part of Otis Dozovic’s act for some time now, was met with derision from the supporter.

Warning: the following tweet contains strong language.

Tyler, who responded in his own unique way, was teaming with the duo as part of his return to NXT whilst partner Fandango recovers from surgery on his left shoulder.

What makes the gripe petty is that the tomfoolery transpired on a house show and not NXT television where it would have been inappropriate. Live events are often packed with fun segments such as this to give the audience a break from the near three and a half hour show. As long as it doesn’t make a mockery of the product or detract from the storylines we see weekly, a little light entertainment never hurt anyone.


WrestleTalk would like to hear your views on this subject. Was the fan right to criticize a bit of fun? Should people lighten up? And would you like to see Tyler Breeze return to NXT on a full-time basis? You can join the conversation on Twitter and Discord now.

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