2point0 Explain AEW Pairing With Daniel Garcia

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

2point0 Explain AEW Pairing With Daniel Garcia

Matt Lee and Jeff Parker, 2point0, have spoken about their pairing with talented youngster Daniel Garcia in AEW.

The three men were brought into the promotion at the start of August for a trios match against Jon Moxley, Darby Allin and Eddie Kingston, and have stuck together ever since.

Speaking on the latest edition of AEW Unrestricted, 2point0 explained the origins of the team and why it has been so successful, saying:

Lee: “I guess Tony (Khan) had an idea of the six-man tag. He wanted to use Moxley, Darby and King together as a trio, and he had that idea so he paired us with Daniel Garcia to get it done. And it just meshed really well. That match could not have gone any better for us, it really could not have.”

Parker: “(The pairing has been) absolutely fantastic. I really couldn’t have asked for anybody better to be paired up with. And it’s always a terrifying thing when you just get thrown together with somebody because chemistry’s a big thing.”

Lee: “You have no idea. So we were kind of familiar with him, he’s a northeast guy too from Buffalo, and he would wrestle in our area in Montral. So we were familiar with him. Tony had us do this promo, I guess to announce the match for Dynamite, and it just – it clicked. And we just fed off each other and he listened, and we listened to his ideas, and it just meshed so well. We could not ask for more.”

Parker: “We were actually talking the other day at TV, it was just kinda like we’ve been together for a few months, but it feels like it’s been years. Very fast friends, love that kid to death. He’s so freakin’ talented. Just wants to learn and wants to get better every single time, and what I love about it is this dichotomy of like, you have us that are really over-the-top and loud and say a bunch of ridiculousness…

Lee: “… And he brings that ass-kicking edge to him. He brings that ass-kicking edge, and we both wear red and black. So, are we not gonna team?”

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They were most recently used on last Friday’s AEW Rampage, when 2point0 were in the corner of Garcia for his match against CM Punk.

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