5 Of The Best David & Goliath Tag Teams In WWE History

5 years ago by Cody Brooks

5. Too Cool w/ Rikishi

Brian Christopher was an excellent heel when he arrived in the WWE. The son of WWE Legend Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, Christopher would cackle obnoxiously and really get under peoples’ skin. Then Scott Taylor joined him in 1998 to form the tag team Too Much and a year later, the duo would be re-branded as a hip-hop combo “Too Cool” (which at the time was anything but).

Then something happened – like the ironic hipness of Bob Saget, we just started to go with it. Scotty 2 Hotty would do “The Worm,” a move somehow more ridiculous than the People’s Elbow, and we all marked out.

That same year they’d recruit the former Headshrinker Rikishi Fatu to the stable. As a group, the team would capture multiple titles including the WWE Intercontinental Championship (Rikishi), the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship (Scotty 2 Hotty) and the WWE Tag Team Championships twice. Their second tag team title run was the Big Man/Little Man pairing of Rikishi and Scotty. The two won the championships from the Basham Brothers in 2004 while competing on the SmackDown brand.

The trio had personality and made something ridiculous into something endearing with substantial staying power.

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