A Faction Loses A Member – Tag Team Championship Match Set For AEW: All Out

3 years ago by Nate

A Faction Loses A Member – Tag Team Championship Match Set For AEW: All Out

AEW held a 4-team gauntlet match to determine who would face Kenny Omega and Hangman Page for the AEW World Tag Team Championship at All Out on September 5.

Many expected it to come down to The Young Bucks vs. FTR. You’d be half right. FTR ended up winning the gauntlet match and the right to face Omega/Page.

However, The Young Bucks didn’t get to the finals because of outside interference from an unexpected source.  During the final moments of the second match, Hangman Page made his way to ringside.

While The Bucks were going for the Meltzer Driver, Hangman Page grabbed Nick Jackson’s ankle. This allowed Trent to roll-up Matt Jackson for the win.

Everyone was in shock around the ring. FTR made their way out and basically mimed that it wasn’t them.

They then attacked Best Friends. They focused on the knee of Chuck Taylor. Ultimately, Dax Harwood locked in a leg lock and forced Taylor to tap out.

Now, we’re getting FTR vs. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega. This is part of a long storyline where we just don’t know who is going to turn or when.

However, later in the show, Hangman was confronted by The Young Bucks at the backstage bar. The Bucks went off on Hangman. They told him he never wanted to be in the elite and now he gets his wish.

The Young Bucks kicked Hangman out of the Elite. As they walked off and slammed the door, Hangman stared at himself in a broken mirror. Wow.  That was so good.

You know what else should be good? The tag team championship match at All Out.

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