Absent WWE Star Injury Confirmed On Raw

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

Absent WWE Star Injury Confirmed On Raw WWE

A top WWE star’s absence was confirmed with dialogue during a segment between other wrestlers on tonight’s WWE Raw.

During a segment that went on to get progressively stranger as time wore on, a throwaway line ended up being quite crucial.

While the Miz speculated that Tommaso Ciampa was missing due to Dexter Lumis, Johnny Gargano played rumor killer live on Raw.

Reporting that he had just been texting with the star who has been off of television of late, and could report that Tommaso Ciampa was not missing, rather he was injured.

While no further specific details were provided, notably Ciampa has mentioned issues with his hip and back recently on Instagram.

The segment rolled on to feature R-Truth taking on The Miz over the honor of Charlotte, North Carolina’s macaroni and cheese.

Hometown favorite R-Truth pledging to defend the fine cuisine of Charlotte against the Miz who was besmirching the fare.

R-Truth came out of the match triumphant after the Miz was distracted by a hooded Dexter Lumis lookalike at ringside.

The hooded figure was of course revealed to be Johnny Gargano.

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