Adam Cole Explains Origins Of “DaParty” With Xavier Woods, Cesaro & Tyler Breeze

Adam Cole Explains Origins Of “DaParty” With Xavier Woods, Cesaro & Tyler Breeze

Regular watchers of Xavier Woods’ YouTube show UpUpDownDown will be aware of “DaParty”. The group consisting of Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze, Cesaro and Adam Cole regularly play games with each other every week.

Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Cole (AKA Chugs on UpUpDownDown) explained the origins of his friendship with the group, and how he was recruited as it’s fourth member. Cole explained:

“So, it was right around when the pandemic started and, you know, I was friends or friendly with Cesaro, Breeze, Woods, but those guys were doing content consistently with UpUpDownDown. I’d only been there sporadically. Then they had made the decision, ‘Hey, we want to start doing more content since we can’t provide as much content with the pandemic starting and we want to do Uno. We need a fourth guy,’ and they all had a meeting, I guess, and were like, ‘Who could be the fourth dude?’ They were like, ‘Well, Adam Cole really likes video games and Adam Cole seems like a cool dude. Let’s ask him and honestly, if it doesn’t work, we don’t like it, we don’t have chemistry with him, then we’ll just look for somebody else.’ So, I was kinda on trial in the beginning. Which I didn’t even know. But, literally halfway through the first episode they knew, I knew. It was like we’d been doing it forever,”

Cole then went on to explain the bonds he has formed with the three other members, and how the four of them playing Uno helps make fans’ days, saying:

“One of the coolest things with that is, again, those three have become three of my best friends now through this whole thing. I just love those guys to death. Like you had briefly touched on, it is so true. I get just as many comments or notifications or whatever it is about DaParty and about UpUpDownDown as I do about wrestling now. Because, again, to read stuff like—and it’s important not to brush over this—but, to read stuff like, ‘Hey, you don’t understand what I was going through. This happened through the pandemic, me and my friends get together and it’s the hardest we laugh every single week and you guys make my week just by four guys virtually playing Uno.’ It’s crazy, but it’s amazing. That’s why it’s so important to me and Breeze and Woods and Cesaro,”

Tyler Breeze was released by WWE back on June 25, but is still making frequent appearances on the show.

Speaking of four man friendship groups that Adam Cole was a part of, the NXT star gave his thoughts on the decision to break up the Undisputed Era.

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