Adam Cole Opens Up About His Progress & When He Might Return To AEW Action

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

Adam Cole Opens Up About His Progress & When He Might Return To AEW Action AEW

Adam Cole recently opened up about his road to recovery and when we might see him returning to action in AEW.

Adam Cole was having a chat with the Wrestle Buddies podcast and commented on how he was doing, saying:

“I’m doing okay. I’m definitely on the path, on the track to recovery for sure. I have a great team around me that is helping and just making sure that I’m taken care of to the best of my ability. AEW has been fantastic as far as making sure that I’m getting the right care that I deserve. I feel like I progress and move forward every single week for sure.”

Commenting on the what led up to him taking time away from in-ring competition, Cole expanded on the events leading up to taking time off.

Citing long years on the road contributing to cumulative wear and tear, Adam Cole said:

“I was pretty banged up. So again, for 14 years, being in the pro wrestling industry, I think the most time I’d ever had off, as far as traveling, being on the road, was one month, and I’ve been ‘going, going, going’ nonstop. So eventually, our bodies kind of catch up to us. I had a couple of things that were kind of lingering for me and then with what happened at Forbidden Door, so… but, I feel good. I’m very confident I’ll be back in the ring soon. I’m excited to be back. I miss it so much already. But yeah, I’m feeling good.”

Cole has been out of action with an injury since Forbidden Door but had already accumulated an impressive 15-4-0 record so far in 2022.

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Transcription via Fightful

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