Adam Cole Nearly Threw Up During Iconic WWE NXT Match

2 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Adam Cole Nearly Threw Up During Iconic WWE NXT Match

Adam Cole matches tend to feature a plethora of jaw-dropping spots, but it has emerged that the former NXT Champion was actually close to throwing up during a huge title match with Johnny Gargano.

While speaking on the Out of Character podcast, Johnny Gargano opened up about winning the NXT Championship at TakeOver: New York in 2019, telling Satin that Adam Cole was close to vomiting at one point during the match:

 ‘Johnny Gargano matches go really long at TakeOver.’ I don’t feel pressure to where…I had the match with Roderick and that went well. Then I had the match with Tommaso in New Orleans and that went well. I have so much big match experience to where I feel comfortable in that role. I knew what that night meant, especially for me and Adam. We always talked about having a moment on a big stage like that. To have that match in the Barclays Center, WrestleMania weekend, the highest-grossing gate in NXT history, two Indie guys who were told we would never make it. Going back and watching that third fall, it was such a cool feeling. I’ve never felt a sound like I did when I kicked out of his Last Shot. My ears were ringing. I’ll also remember that after the kickout, he throws a temper tantrum and goes to say something in my face, his hair gets into his mouth. As he talks, he almost throws up.”

Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano will share the ring tonight at NXT TakeOver: In Your House as the pair compete in a fatal-five way match with Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly and Karrion Kross for the latter’s NXT Championship.

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