Adam Page Explains How Pro Wrestling Helped His Anxiety

Adam Page Explains How Pro Wrestling Helped His Anxiety

Adam Page captured the AEW World Championship from Kenny Omega back at the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view on November 13, finally completing a two year long story for the Hangman.

Page has been dubbed the ‘Anxious Millenial Cowboy’ by both AEW fans and the AEW graphics team. He’s very clearly a cowboy, and very clearly a millenial. However, Page recently appeared on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, where he described just how bad his anxiety used to be.

He explained:

“I’m not a conversationalist, I don’t know. Anxious maybe, and maybe like… This is a story I’ve never told. In — I don’t even know if middle school, maybe high school age — I had super, super bad social anxiety, like diagnosed, medication social anxiety, but like, I can remember one time sitting at my desk, right, this was like, in the middle of taking a test or something and I could remember my whole body would like, turn flush red. I would start sweating, then I would become aware for, God knows what reason, like no one’s looking at me, this is happening to my body. So then, you know it gets like ten times worse, what’s going on? Like, my eyes start watering, like I’m just sitting at my desk.”

Page continued on, explainig how he believes pro wrestling helped him overcome his anxiety issues, saying:

“I think wrestling helped me get out of that to an extent because, not that like, not that I had like low self-worth or anything like that. But, like, wrestling was always my passion and where I felt comfortable, and what I like doing. Once I was able to do that and see some success in it, being surrounded by like twenty people to two hundred people to two thousand people, twenty thousand, like, as that grew, I think you get more comfortable with that and yourself.”

Page recently fought Bryan Danielson for his AEW World Championship at Winter is Coming, which ended in a 60 minute time limit draw. The match received a five star rating from Dave Meltzer.

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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