Backstage Details On New AEW Reality Show ‘All Access’

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

Backstage Details On New AEW Reality Show ‘All Access’ AEW

More backstage details of the AEW: All Access reality show starring AEW wrestlers and Tony Khan have been revealed.

The show, which was revealed during the “important announcement” during AEW Dynamite on February 22 will air after AEW Dynamite every week from an as-yet-unspecified date in March 2023.

Now, Dave Meltzer has provided some backstage details on the show whilst speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying:

“They actually were going to do an earlier reality show with the couples, which this is sort of an offshoot of, but they basically didn’t get it done and put on the schedule.

“And essentially this really is the long-awaited replacement show for Rhodes To The Top, which was going to air last year. They’d actually started filming it when Cody left the company. So it’s a new reality show, but they’ve done Rhodes To The Top before and they’ve done the reality show thing before so it’s just kind of an extension of what was already done.

“But it’s still, if you’re gonna look at it from a WBD standpoint and a fan standpoint, for people who think that somehow (WBD) is looking at dropping (AEW) or not behind them, this is not the case. You don’t add a new programme with something you’re looking at not keeping.

“Money-wise (rights fees) is a totally different story, that’s to be determined, but the idea that they would drop it… I never, I don’t think anyone thought that they would drop it unless they had a new regime that didn’t like wrestling, which is possible, but this new regime has been very vocally in support of these guys.”

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The show is described as “the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience” and will feature “Adam Cole, Dr. Britt Baker, Sammy Guevara, Tay Conti, The Young Bucks, Saraya, Wardlow, and Eddie Kingston along with AEW CEO, GM and Head of Creative Tony Khan.”

Adam Cole also revealed that he would be making his in-ring return in AEW on the night of the AEW: All Access premiere in March.

If you use this transcription or any portion of it please credit and link to this page.

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