AEW All Access Reveals Backstage Drama Between Tay Melo & Ruby Soho

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

AEW All Access Reveals Backstage Drama Between Tay Melo & Ruby Soho AEW

On tonight’s episode of AEW All Access, Tay Melo opened up about her beef behind the scenes with Ruby Soho.

Revealing that their discord actually spilled over from their time in WWE, Melo said that she was of the belief that they were good however after there was an accident, Melo heard otherwise.

With Tay Melo noting that Ruby Soho believed that she broke her nose on purpose, she was still regretful about the injury but denied it was intentional.

With Melo noting her plan to be professional, she also acknowledged she couldn’t do anything about it other than moving forward.

In a confessional with Ruby Soho, she described her recovery as “grueling”, and saying that she’s known Tay for a really long time, “but we’ve been clear, we don’t have to like each other, we just have to be professional.”

Pledging to do what was best for the locker room, Soho also hoped to put things with Melo aside to work together smoothly.

Later in the episode the two fighters spoke to settle their issues and while the conversation was overall amicable, Soho did seek to clarify that Melo didn’t injure her on purpose.

Melo was saddened by the accusation, noting “it was literally an accident.”

With Soho saying that she had also shared with Guevara that if she had a problem, she wasn’t going to bring it to Twitter or to the locker room, she would come straight to Melo personally, the pair parted ways.

While the duo seemed to squash their beef, Soho was overheard noting, “Awkward,” while Melo felt like there wasn’t more she could say other than hoping for the best and being professional.

However the end of the episode teased some future drama, noting that Soho may have delivered a ‘receipt’ to Melo in her run-in.

Elsewhere on tonight’s AEW All Access, there was a behind the scenes look at the situation surrounding Thunder Rosa relinquishing her AEW Women’s World Championship as well as a backstage of the Young Bucks appearing in front of a hostile Chicago crowd for the first time after All Out.

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