Britt Baker Opens Up About Backstage Burial On AEW All Access

Britt Baker Opens Up About Backstage Burial On AEW All Access AEW

There was a behind the scenes look at the drama in the AEW Women’s division on tonight’s episode of AEW All Access.

In a scene featuring Thunder Rosa attempting to explore what move-sets wouldn’t cause discomfort, she was dismayed to find that she felt discomfort from doing even the most basic of wrestling moves.

Later in the episode, the women of AEW were seen ahead of Dynamite preparing to do a pre-taped segment but with some confusion around what was coming later in the show.

Being informed that in segment 6 there would be a big announcement made by Renee Paquette regarding the AEW Women’s Division, there was mystery through the episode as to what the announcement may be.

When the announcement was revealed to be that Thunder Rosa would be relinquishing the AEW Women’s World Championship, the women were shown watching the announcement with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. showing the most jubilance.

Sharing after the scene, Baker said: “We’re relieved that we’re done with the interim bulls**t… the fact that we’ve dropped that, we’re moving on is a huge sigh of relief.”

In a later interview scene however Baker shared that she would still be willing to working with Thunder Rosa, despite the fact the two do not get along.

Baker said:

“I’m not stupid, I know very much what makes money and drama makes money and people are very aware that her and I don’t like each other. I know that Tony knows that… if that means that I have to be a company woman and wrestle her again, I’d do it.” 

Later in the episode, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. revealed that during her time as AEW Women’s World Champion, she felt a lot of hostility from the other “girls in the back,” and told a sad story of feeling completely buried by her peers.

Baker noted:

“When I was AEW Women’s World Champion it was hard because I had a lot of girls in the back who really came for me. There was a meeting at one point accusing me of faking having a broken wrist…. I didn’t see it coming.”

Sharing that while most of the women had since apologized to her for their actions, she still felt some level of “PTSD” from the events and it made her leery of the spotlight of being champion again anytime soon.

With Tony Schiavone encouraging Britt that she shouldn’t let the negative experience detract her from pursuing the AEW Women’s World Championship again, Baker still wasn’t convinced.

Elsewhere on tonight’s AEW All Access, there was a backstage look at the Young Bucks appearing in front of a hostile Chicago crowd for the first time after All Out and the behind the scenes beef between Tay Melo and Ruby Soho. 

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