AEW Name Nixes Any Plans For New Version Of Wrestling Faction

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

AEW Name Nixes Any Plans For New Version Of Wrestling Faction AEW

An AEW name has commented on any proposals for a future version the company may have for a legendary wrestling stable.

The Four Horsemen were a legendary faction in professional wrestling, consisting of Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and JJ Dillon in its most familiar incarnations.

Founding member Arn Anderson was recently asked about the possibility of a new generation of the Four Horsemen in AEW on his ARN podcast (subscription required), saying:

“I own the trademark. With my approval, [AEW] could 100% [create a new Four Horsemen].

“Probably going to cost a few bucks … I’m not going to allow that to happen.

“The only way that would work, because that’s a tremendous thing to do. Could you imagine walking in and being part of the New Four Horsemen?

“The expectations are going to be huge unless you had the right combination of guys and they were going to do the right things with it and it be something special which it was for a lot of the time.”

Fellow Horseman Ric Flair recently confirmed that he has “reconnected” with Arn Anderson following the passing of Anderson’s son, Barrett.

Barrett’s passing was confirmed by Arn Anderson on March 11 2023 at the age of 37.

AEW’s Brock Anderson shared an emotional tribute to his brother on social media.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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