Chris Jericho Names AEW Star He Wants Tied Down To New Contract

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Chris Jericho Names AEW Star He Wants Tied Down To New Contract AEW

AEW’s Chris Jericho has named the “one of a kind” star that he wants Tony Khan to tie down to a new contract.

With the recent news that Brian Cage’s AEW contract is set to expire in the coming weeks, Chris Jericho has spoken to the Daily Star about why Cage should remain in AEW.

In the interview with the British newspaper, Jericho said:

“I think Brian Cage over the last six months is the best Brian Cage has ever been.

“I think he’s finally starting to understand some of the psychology of wrestling rather than just moves and that sort of thing.”

Jericho would explore his thinking further, looking at the positives that Cage already had, saying:

“He is one of a kind with his size and agility, but now there is more intensity and I think he’s really understanding who he is as a wrestler.

“Six months ago I might have said ‘Well, whatever, if he says that’s cool’, but now I think he has become a way more valuable part of our roster and I would sign him for sure. Absolutely.”

The leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society would go on to discuss evolution in the business, adding:

“You’re always given opportunities in the business, like for me – when did I really become Chris Jericho?

“I’d say 2008 – that’s 18 years into [my time in] the business, when I did that feud with Shawn Michaels. That’s when I really got it.

“I had already been Undisputed Champion and all that other stuff, but that’s when it really hit me, what wrestling is all about.”

“So, it takes a while for guys to get it. So ‘flying under the radar?’ – I don’t see that. You have to figure stuff out on your own and that’s what makes you great.”

Since signing with AEW, Jericho has been the inaugural AEW World Champion and ROH World Champion and was a multi-time champion in WWE and WCW and a former IWGP Intercontinental Champion in New Japan.

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