AEW’s Brian Pillman Jr Moving Out Of Jacksonville, Posts Emotional Message

AEW’s Brian Pillman Jr Moving Out Of Jacksonville, Posts Emotional Message AEW

AEW’s Brian Pillman Jr has taken to Instagram with a very emotional message and announced he’s moving out of Jacksonville back to Cincinnati.

After reading his post, many fans were concerned that Brian Pillman Jr was leaving AEW all together, but he’s since taken to Twitter to clarify that isn’t the case.

He originally wrote:

13 months ago I moved to Jacksonville, FL to chase my dream of becoming All Elite. Without knowing when the pandemic would end, I wanted to reduce my commute to our temporary venue from 2 flights to a 10 minute drive. I ultimately, along with Griff, earned the right to officially call ourselves ALL ELITE! I would be lying however if I said that this city didn’t chew me up and spit me out, in a good way. I did everything you could ever do. Made every mistake and experienced every emotion possible. I signed a lease on a home. I purchased the baddest car I could find. I fell in love with the baddest chick I had ever met. I rescued one dog from a shelter and then adopted another puppy. I trained my ass off at various gyms and martial arts schools, including the secret Hart dungeon! I partied hard and through all these experiences I met so many great people. Before I knew it though, I had gotten in over my head. I struggled to raise two dogs. I got my heart broken. I got robbed. I got into bar fights. I canceled bookings. I hurt some people who I care deeply about. I had isolated myself from my friends, family and support system back home. So my decision was pretty clear, and today I started my journey to move back to Cincinnati. This was the hardest decision of my life, to leave behind my little Jax family. But I take solace in the fact that I will be able to be there for my Cinci family. Aunt Linda, my sister Brittany and her newborn baby. I leave here with the utmost gratitude for this extremely fulfilling experience, all my loot, and a best friend for LIFE. I want to thank my aunt and uncle for getting me settled in. I want to thank Tony for treating me like a hometown hero in both Jacksonville and Cincinnati. I want to thank Megha and Margaret for watching over me and picking me up when I fell. I want to thank Brad and Doc Samson for keeping me healthy. I want to thank all the boys who supported me and lent me an ear. I want to thank Hannah for being by my side for 8 long months. But most importantly I want to thank all the fans who take the time to read this and are invested in my journey. It is great therapy for me to share my story with you all. THANK YOU ❤️

After seeing how many people thought he was leaving AEW, he tweeted:

For those who misinterpreted my Instagram post. I am not leaving wrestling or AEW. I am simply moving back home from Jacksonville to Cincinnati to get my s**t together. That’s all, thank you guys and you can read the full story on IG ❤️

We send our best wishes to Brian Pillman Jr and look forward to seeing him back in action when the time comes.

Pillman’s AEW record so far for 2022 stands at 2-2. You can find all AEW men’s win/loss records at this link.


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