AEW Star Calls Out ‘Toxic’ Locker Room Members

5 months ago by Dave Adamson

AEW Star Calls Out ‘Toxic’ Locker Room Members AEW

How did the AEW locker room become so toxic to the point where we’re regularly reporting on wrestlers getting in each others’ faces or worse?

It seems that not a day passes without more details of issues within the AEW locker room being revealed, whether it be the aftermath of the media scrum fallout from All Out, the issues with Sammy Guevara or Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa‘s animosity.

Now, Britt Baker has stepped in to explain the nature of the issues that she has with the ego of others, doing so on the Swerve City podcast, hosted by Swerve Strickland, saying:

“What’s so toxic is when somebody thinks they’re bigger than the company. Or that the company needs them. There’s literally no one in AEW that they need, other than Tony Khan to survive. Everybody can be replaced.”

Baker was careful to not name anyone in her analysis, but there’s certainly a number of names to choose from on both sides of reported incidents and it will be a mammoth task to bring the locker room back under control, though it appears that there have been steps towards a less toxic environment, with three prominent roster members stepping into a leadership role.

Quote via Wrestling Inc.

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