Promising AEW Wrestler’s Contract Expiring In May 2023

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

Promising AEW Wrestler’s Contract Expiring In May 2023 AEW

It has been revealed that an AEW star’s contract is set to expire in May 2023 though their father has hopes for both their futures.

In an interview with (subscription required), WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson discussed the contract status of both himself and his son Brock Anderson, saying:

“Well, Brock’s got about, I think in May his is up, and then I have another year passed that.”

Anderson would go on to talk about their futures, adding:

“I’m having a great time. I’m enjoying working for the company and I’m going to certainly get that last year now.

“What they have for Brock and I together going forward, I don’t know.”

Anderson would then reflect on the benefits of guaranteed contract when it comes to planning life and how it helps map things out.

He would also reiterate his plans to use his time to help his son in AEW and wrestling in general, concluding:

“That gives me another year and a half almost to help Brock every which way I can.”

As for the founder member of the Four Horsemen’s future beyond that, Anderson stated:

“I will stay with AEW as long as they want me. That’s my one thing, and I said that after I left, well, I was canned by WWE.

“I don’t want to be anywhere that I’m not wanted anyway, not for one minute, not for any amount of money, not for one second.

“If at the end of the contract, if they would like for me to stay aboard in some limited capacity, I would love to.”

Arn Anderson had previously spoken on how he wants his son to get his “second chance” in AEW before their contract expires.

He also has stated that Jon Moxley has taken an interest in the young AEW star.

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