AEW Star ‘Tired Of Losing’ & ‘Disappointing Fans’

AEW Star ‘Tired Of Losing’ & ‘Disappointing Fans’ AEW

Ahead of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Bryan Danielson has reflected on his recent performances in big matches, promising change.

The June 30 PPV will see Danielson face Shingo Takagi in the first round match of the 2024 Men’s Owen Hart Cup Tournament.

Speaking in an AEW Exclusive, Danielson reflected on the upcoming tournament match and a recent encounter with Takagi, saying:

“I have a lot of hopes for this Owen Hart Tournament, and when I saw that it was gonna be me and Shingo in the great round, I was really excited because Shingo’s incredible. Former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and I thought it was gonna be two guys who respect each other, going out there and then just giving everything they have because the winner of the Owen Hart Tournament goes on to main event All In, Wembley Stadium.

“Let’s go out there and see who’s better. Let’s go out there and see who’s the best wrestler. But then, last Friday on Rampage, I go out there, he has a really impressive win against AR Fox, Shingo does, and I go to shake his hand, and we’ve shaken hands before. He brushes right past me.”

Footage from the match, including Takagi brushing past Danielson can be seen below this news story.

With Danielson focused on facing the best wrestlers, he would also look at how that plan isn’t working as he had hoped.

Going on to discuss how he was tired of disappointing everyone around him, including himself, Danielson went on to say:

“Tonight, post-match, what he did to Wheeler Yuta, especially with Yuta coming off of injury, makes me lose a little bit of respect for Shingo.

“Now I realize this attitude that I have, this attitude that I have of, ‘Yeah, okay, I respect this guy. I wanna go out there and wrestle and I wanna see who’s better.’ You know what, quite frankly, the last year that I said was gonna be the most epic year of my career, that really hasn’t worked out for me, has it? It really hasn’t worked out for me, has it?

“So Shingo, you wanna take out a guy who just came back from injury, who’s part of the BCC, who I personally took under my wing? He’s like my child. He’s like my son. You want to try to take him out just to get at me? Well guess what? This Bryan Danielson who’s just going out there and happy to just compete and wants to wrestle the best wrestlers, that’s not the guy who you’re gonna see on Sunday.

“Shingo, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of all of it. I’m tired of your disrespect. I’m tired of you trying to hurt the people that I love. You know what else I’m tired of? I’m tired of getting in these matches, I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of disappointing my fans, of disappointing my family, disappointing myself.

“Sunday, Forbidden Door, that ain’t gonna happen. Shingo, you’re gonna get the worst of it.”

With 2024 likely to be Danielson’s final year as a full-time wrestler in AEW, he recently commented the Owen Hart Cup Tournament may not be his last show, but it was the best shot of his career.

Transcript from Fightful.

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