Horror Film Starring Two AEW Stars Now Streaming

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Horror Film Starring Two AEW Stars Now Streaming AEW

The latest entry in a long-running horror film franchise is now streaming in the US and stars two AEW stars.

The Bunny and The Blade star in the new Full Moon Features movie Puppet Master Doktor Death.

The second spin-off movie of the Puppet Master franchise, Doktor Death’s synopsis reads as follows:

“The most malevolent marionette in the PUPPET MASTER universe comes crawling out of his trunk in this shocking sidebar to Full Moon’s most beloved franchise!

“The scalpel-wielding Doktor Death is unleashed in a ramshackle nursing home and once the terror begins it refuses to stop until the pint-sized psycho surgeon has spilled blood.

“Get ready for the creepiest, crawliest and craziest PUPPET MASTER movie yet!”

Directed by David Parker, and produced by Full Moon Features founder Charles Band, the movie sees Laura Dennis, better known to AEW fans as The Bunny as Rebecca whilst Jesse Guilmette (The Blade) is Luther.

The Bunny had previously been filming the Lifetime movie ‘Bad Tenant’.

Puppet Master Doktor Death is now streaming on TubiTV.

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