Top AEW Star Has Controversial Opinion On Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair

Top AEW Star Has Controversial Opinion On Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair WWE

A top AEW star has weighed in on the topic of who was the better worker between WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

Chris Jericho, who has spent a considerable amount of time around both stars, made the revelation on watchalong episode of Talk is Jericho.

Talking to Bryan Alvarez and “Big Vinny V” Vincent Verhei, the trio were watching the November 27 1987 episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Jericho’s attention turned to his comparison of Flair and Hogan, saying:

“I will say to this day and people will bag. Here’s a clickbait. Hogan is a better worker than Flair.

“For me. I always had amazing matches with Hogan because he knew exactly who he was as a babyface, as a heel, whatever. He was so great. He knew his audience. He didn’t do anything he didn’t have to. It was one of my favorite times in my career.”

Alvarez would acknowledge Hogan’s in ring performances, adding:

“Yeah, but you know, during this period 85, 86, 87, 88, he did do stuff. And he had some good matches on Saturday Night’s Main Event.”

Jericho would conclude by looking at an overlooked aspect of Hogan from the era, stating:

“Here’s another great thing about Hogan. Like you don’t even think about it. But the dude had like a super receding hairline. But no one even really noticed it back then.. We all did, but you didn’t.

“It’s just Hogan, right? Like, it’s weird. He’s like America’s hero with no hair now that would never go, he’d put a toupee on or something.”

Hogan last wrestled in early 2012 as part of the TNA Maximum IMPACT Tour, with Flair’s last match taking place at the self-titled event in July 2022 in a match that Jeff Jarrett said was a “special night.

Both men are two-time WWE Hall of Famers, with Flair being inducted in the Class of 2008 individually and in 2012 (as part of Four Horsemen) and Hogan being inducted in 2005 and as part of the nWo in 2020.

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