Top AEW Star Slaps Back At Claim All In Won’t Succeed

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Top AEW Star Slaps Back At Claim All In Won’t Succeed AEW

Since Tony Khan announced AEW All In was taking place at Wembley Stadium, analysis has been widespread on social media.

Chris Jericho has addressed the analysis of potential ticket sales by fans previously, concluding “I expect a sh*tload of loudmouths to have their mouths SHUT!”

With pre-sale sign-ups being the only benchmark available to gauge interest, the event has hit 45,000 in presale sign-ups.

Tickets don’t officially go on sale until Friday, May 5 at 9 a.m. BST.

Tickets not being on sale yet isn’t, however, enough to stop analysis, with Chris Jericho responding to one comment in particular.

Greg Smith took to Twitter to respond to Dave Meltzer’s Tweet about 40-50 thousand sales being a “giant success” when the company record is 20,177.

In Smith’s reply, he stated:

“There’s no way Tony Khan booked Wembley thinking he was gonna sell 60k+ tickets. I think 30-35k would be a resounding success.

“The only thing that could come close to selling out Wembley these days is WrestleMania. WWF had around 65-70k if memory serves for SummerSlam 92.”

This would see Chris Jericho respond by stating:

“And how the f*ck do you know this? Shut your ass and watch what happens.”

In a reply to Jericho’s suggestion, another fan did say that international fans would travel to the event and questioned the logic of fans looking for lower ticket sales.

As noted on the Wembley Stadium website,  fans in the UK can pre-register for early access to event tickets by clicking here.

Pre-registered access and priority presales will take place prior to the general on-sale date.

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