AEW Star Shock Return From Injury On Dynamite

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

AEW Star Shock Return From Injury On Dynamite AEW

An AEW star made a shock return from injury on tonight’s AEW Dynamite, attacking a former foe in a dastardly fashion!

After a match on tonight’s AEW Dynamite, a big AEW star returned with a dastardly attack and another surprise.

After Jungle Boy bested Brian Cage in a singles match and signaled he was still on his continued quest for singles gold, an old foe emerged.

Interrupting Jungle Boy Jack Perry’s post-match celebration on the entrance ramp was Christian Cage.

While he initially was still wearing his evil turtleneck and arm sling, he removed one to make a shocking revelation.

Taking off the sling, Cage made it clear he was healed and ready to fight!

Christian Cage hit a massive Kill Switch on Jungle Boy Jack Perry on the entrance ramp, leaving him laid out as the segment ended.

Elsewhere on tonight’s AEW Dynamite, Jeff Jarrett kicked off the show, there was a brutal Texas Tornado Tag Match, an AEW tag team returned and Wardlow shared an emotional story about his childhood. 

You can keep up with all the breaking news from around tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite by clicking here. 

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