Update On CM Punk Plans, AEW Roster Split & More

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

Update On CM Punk Plans, AEW Roster Split & More AEW

With the WWE Draft now completed, attention can now turn to AEW’s own roster split and the impending CM Punk return.

With CM Punk set to return for the debut of AEW Collision, Dave Meltzer has written about the roster split and Punk plans in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required).

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, plans may still be fluid, with Meltzer writing:

“The updated plan, and this will possibly change a few times, is that there will be less of a hard roster split as previously told to people who do know about it.

“The thought is that the split will not be hard at all with the women as they don’t believe there is enough star power to do a hard split.”

The roster split was reported in April 2023 as a way to ” keep people who have issues with each other on separate rosters so they can stay away from each other, which isn’t just Punk.”

It’s been reported that Collision will likely debut on Saturday, June 17 in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, and will be a weekly show on TNT from 8-10pm.

Meltzer would go on to cover the plans for CM Punk, talent relations and the upcoming AEW Collision show, writing:

“Punk will be the star of Collision most weeks, but he will be on Dynamite at times when needed. Those with unresolved issues with Punk would be on Collision the week he’s on Dynamite.

“The idea is to get people to resolve issues but that hasn’t happened yet nor has there been any notable progress.

“It was also noted that all of this is still up in the air and being figured out in real-time and nothing is final, but this could be how it ends up happening.”

Meltzer had previously reported that Collision would be headed up by Punk, another major return/debut that we don’t know yet, FTR and possibly Chris Jericho, while Dynamite would have the Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club.

Meltzer would conclude by covering the position of AEW Rampage in the hierarchy of programming, stating:

“Rampage will turn into what Dark and Dark Elevation were, more to showcase younger talent. The idea right now is for Dynamite and Rampage to tape together on Wednesday nights and Collision and ROH to tape together on Saturday nights”

It was recently reported that AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation have both come to an end “for the time being.”

The reason for that, according to Andrew Zarian of the Wrestling Observer, is due to negotiations for Collision including an agreement that all AEW wrestling content would air exclusively on WBD.

We’ll keep you posted with any more updates.

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