Hall Of Famer Comments On Infamous AEW Promo With Cody Rhodes

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Hall Of Famer Comments On Infamous AEW Promo With Cody Rhodes AEW

A WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend has commented on words spoken during an infamous promo on AEW Dynamite.

Speaking on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Arn Anderson recalled the promo where he cited the difference between himself and Cody Rhodes.

Anderson would suggest that, in the event of a carjacking, Rhodes would hand over his vehicle in exchange for not being hurt.

The founder member of the Four Horsemen, however, would opt to pull out a gun and start shooting.

Reflecting on the words spoken in the September 30 2021 moment (that can be seen below this news story), Anderson said:

“Up until that time, I had not been able to be the Arn Anderson of 1986.

“I used to say stuff like that all the time. The WCW days? All the time. You just couldn’t curse.

“But if you wanted to grab the audience, say something that they would say ‘What’d he say? Did he say that?’ [about] that’ll just shove you out of your chair.”

Having set looked back at his past in wrestling, Arn turned to the present, adding:

“I really didn’t have that line [about the Glock] before we went out there, and if you look at [Lee Johnson’s] face, his dentures fell out, and he didn’t catch ’em before they hit the floor.”

Anderson would explain that he was concerned when he went backstage and saw that Tony Khan wasn’t there.

Khan would, however, check with TNT and they had no issues with the lines that were delivered.

According to Anderson, whoever Khan had spoken to saw it as a “vintage Arn Anderson” moment.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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