AEW Could Face Major Competition For Revolution Pay-Per-View

AEW Could Face Major Competition For Revolution Pay-Per-View

AEW announced a new date for their Revolution pay-per-view last week. The show was originally slated for February 27, but the company opted to postpone the show until March 7 due to competition from other sporting events.

This will be the first time that AEW has put on a pay-per-view on a Sunday night, and the reason for this is because there is also a major UFC pay-per-view on Saturday, March 6.

However, AEW could still face stiff competition for the show, as Dave Meltzer has revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that there have been talks of holding an All-Star NBA game on the day of the Revolution pay-per-view in March:

“So it’s March 7, that is the day of the show. It is going to stay March 7 as of this moment. Of course, nothing is for sure, but the decision is pretty much for sure. They went to March 7 because they were trying to avoid obviously March 6’s UFC pay-per-view, they didn’t wanna go against that. The February show, there was the Canelo/Alvarez fight. Now, the NBA is strongly talking about the All-Star game being March 7 in Atlanta. So that would be head-to-head. Being head-to-head with a big sports event, it’s something. The indication I was given is that they’re still going on that day.”

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This would obviously not be great news for AEW, but with so many sporting events taking place over the next few weeks/months, it’s incredibly hard to find a date that works for the company and has no clashes with other events.

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