AEW Couldn’t Afford Rights For Daniel Bryan Entrance Song

9 months ago by Andy Datson

AEW Couldn’t Afford Rights For Daniel Bryan Entrance Song

Well I guess even billionaires have their limits.

Daniel Bryan, or Bryan Danielson as we’ll now have to remember to call him, debuted for AEW at the end of this past weekend’s All Out PPV in Chicago.

He was accompanied to the ring by a slightly remixed version of his Ride of the Valkyries entrance theme, a theme many will recognise from his long tenure with WWE.

Danielson’s entrance music has been discussed a lot in the past few weeks, as fans wondered whether he’d be bringing back his old indie entrance music, which was The Final Countdown by Europe.

Speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that the price of getting rights to The Final Countdown was too high even for Tony Khan, and so a friend of Danielson’s put the new entrance theme together.

Ruby Soho did get her own music, which Meltzer explained was due to the band Rancid’s guitarist Lars Frederiksen being a huge wrestling fan. Lars contacted Ruby after her WWE release, and suggested she change her name to Ruby Soho so she could use the song of the same name as her entrance music in AEW.

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