Photo: AEW Champion Shares Photo With Skateboarding Legend

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Photo: AEW Champion Shares Photo With Skateboarding Legend AEW

An AEW star has made no secret of his friendship with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, recently tweeting a photo and tantalising caption.

Darby Allin had previously credited Hawk with giving him sound advice, telling Chris Van Vliet on Insight with Chris Van Vliet:

“He’s like 54 and killing it on the skateboard scene still.

“He said, ‘Just don’t stop because the moment that you take a break, that’s when everything starts to feel like sh*t.’

“So after I have this crazy match, I’ve got to go to the skatepark, or I have to swim, or jump out of a helicopter, whatever I have to do.”

Allin is still close to Tony Hawk and recently posted a photo of the pair, with Allin holding his TBS Championship.

Only time will tell if Allin really does deliver a podcast with his hero.

Allin recently spoke about his friendship with future AEW star Nick Wayne, describing how they would go to skate parks together.

He has also recently extended the opportunity of a TBS Championship match to Wayne when he graduates from high school.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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