AEW Star Responds To Darby Allin Calling Out Co-Workers Who Complain On Twitter

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

AEW Star Responds To Darby Allin Calling Out Co-Workers Who Complain On Twitter AEW

On the March 15 AEW Dynamite, Darby Allin made a remark that if he didn’t get a World Championship shot he would complain on Twitter.

This came during MJF’s re-bar mitzvah which saw the current AEW World Champion joined by the three other pillars of the company: Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara and Allin.

Some fans have suggested that the target of Allin’s comment was FTR’s Dax Harwood.

With the future of Harwood and Cash Wheeler in AEW under a microscope, Harwood has now revealed his thoughts of what Allin had to say.

Speaking on the FTR with Dax podcast, Harwood would ask fans to look at what he actually said in the past, saying:

“I would implore a lot of people to look and see where I actually complained. Did I complain or was I just speaking my truth?

“I never said anyone was against me or any company was burying me. I’ve never said that before. I’ve just spoken my truth.”

Speaking specifically about Allin’s comments, Harwood would go on to say:

“I don’t necessarily think, and I didn’t, the Darby thing, when I heard it, I didn’t think he was necessarily talking about me.

“I have a good idea of some of the people he is talking about. Darby and I are pretty close. I would say we’re good buds.

“I don’t think he was (talking about me). If he was, I would ask him, and maybe I will ask him when I see him. I would ask him to come talk to me and let’s clear the air and figure that out.

“I don’t necessarily think he was talking about me because I have respect for him, I think he has respect for me, and we’ve worked together quite a few times and we talk every week.

“I understand what he was saying and where he was coming from”

Harwood would then lay out a challenge to those who think he has complained, stating:

“The internet, Twitter people, they can find anything on Twitter. I’m asking them to go and find where I have actually complained.

“I’m just telling my truth. If I didn’t stand up for me and FTR, I don’t know if we would be in the position we are right now.”

The footage from MJF’s re-bar mitzvah can be seen under this news story.

Transcript from Fightful.

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