Dustin Rhodes Offers Powerful Message Of Support To Addicts

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

Dustin Rhodes Offers Powerful Message Of Support To Addicts AEW

AEW’s Dustin Rhodes has offered a powerful message of support to those struggling with addiction as he reflects on his history with drugs.

Dustin Rhodes has spoken about the darkest days of his life in the past and has provided updates on his progress over the years, along with supportive posts to others battling addiction.

On May 5, he posted a new post with a message of support, saying:

“For those struggling with addiction, I was where you are and my life was turned upside down over drugs.

“Most times the addict doesn’t even know or think he has a problem. Trust me, I know. You are either going to hit rock bottom and end up in jail or worse, dead. Don’t let that happen. Help is out there and I am living proof that recovery works.

“#KeepSteppin #CleanIsCool”

In the replies to the tweet, he would confirm that on May 19 2023 he will have been clean for fifteen years.

He would also offer advice to others who were struggling, including those who were not themselves addicts.

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