Fans Very Intrigued At Unexpected AEW Rampage Announcement

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

Fans Very Intrigued At Unexpected AEW Rampage Announcement AEW

A recent announcement from AEW has piqued the interest of wrestling fans as we approach AEW Rampage this evening.

In response to the news that “we’ll hear from the legendary Texan #theNatural Dustin Rhodes” on the episode of AEW Rampage coming from El Paso, Texas, fans are taking to Twitter to speculate what Rhodes may be saying.

During the incredible segment with Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman on WWE Raw this week, Heyman told Cody that in Heyman’s final conversation with Dusty Rhodes, Dusty told him that Cody was his favorite son – his other son being, of course, Dustin.

There is of course no guarantee that Dustin will address this on Rampage tonight and his appearance could be for something entirely unrelated, but some fans are certainly intrigued about the possibility.

There was no mention of anything related to Dustin in Rampage spoilers that came out Wednesday night, so it seems this could be something that’s being added in post-production.

Replies from fans on AEW’s announcement include:

“Address Heyman saying Cody was Dusty’s favourite son?”

“He’s not involved in any storylines so what on earth could he possibly have to say? He’s leaving to go support Cody?”

“I hope he says, need to take care of Family business and leaves AEW to join WWE to even the odds for his brother.”

Recently, Cody Rhodes spoke on the possibility of Dustin Rhodes joining him for his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39 against Roman Reigns.

Dustin Rhodes is currently signed to AEW with a contract that is believed to end in July 2023, and he has said that 2023 would be his final year as an active wrestler.

Cody Rhodes has recently also spoken on the possibility of presenting the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic trophy in WWE.

Whilst there’s no confirmation that Dustin Rhodes will be joining The American Nightmare for WrestleMania 39, another AEW star was recently backstage at WWE Royal Rumble, as photos revealed that AEW’s Ricky Starks had been spotted with Cody backstage at the January 28 event.

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