Unique Gauntlet Match Set For Next Week AEW Dynamite

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Unique Gauntlet Match Set For Next Week AEW Dynamite AEW

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite announced a unique gauntlet match for next week’s show amongst a big card of hard hitting action.

In a backstage segment with Jericho Appreciation Society, Sammy Guevara posed a challenge to Ricky Starks.

Naming the challenge the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet (after initially musing the Guevara-Garcia Gauntlet) Ricky Starks will be tasked with first taking on ‘Cool Hand Ang’ Angelo Parker.

If he is successful he then faces Daddy Magic Matt Menard moving on to either Sammy Guevara or Daniel Garcia, but they’ll let him know the night of.

If he is able to complete all three rounds of the gauntlet, he then earns an opportunity to face Chris Jericho.

Elsewhere, there were a host of other intriguing matches listed for next week on tonight’s show.

After being offered to be paid handsomely for taking on the job, RUSH is set to face off against Bryan Danielson at the behest of MJF.

Speaking of MJF, he has his own match to worry about as he faces a rising AEW star in an eliminator match by which if he loses, he will have to afford a future title shot to the recent signee! You can click here to read more about that. 

Finally in an update to an earlier story, the match proposed by the Bunny to Jamie Hayter was confirmed as official as they’ll also do battle in an eliminator match.

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