What Happened With MJF On AEW Dynamite In Los Angeles

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

What Happened With MJF On AEW Dynamite In Los Angeles AEW

Returning to the scene of the now infamous MJF promo, find out what happened when the champ hit the ring on tonight’s Dynamite.

With Konosuke Takeshita making his ring entrance, fans may have expected to see Bryan Danielson next however instead got MJF.

Interrupting to insult Konosuke Takeshita, both saying his name wrong and urging him to “Speak American,” Takeshita was clearly not impressed.

The Japanese star showed off not only his Japanese but also English when he urged MJF to ‘kiss his ass’ before shoving the champ.

With MJF getting in a shoving match with Takeshita, he ordered referee Aubrey Edwards to keep him away while Los Angeles chanted, “Maxi-Pad”.

MJF noting that he has been hearing chatter that he’s afraid of Danielson or that he can’t last an hour, fans could ask their Mothers, sisters or ‘skank girlfriends’ how long the champ can last.

Going on to continue the insults, MJF pointed out celebs Ken Jeong and Freddie Prinze Jr. in the crowd and took time to roast each, referring to the latter as a “Scooby Doobie Douche Bag”.

However as soon as Bryan Danielson’s music hit, MJF was stunned in the ring and then sprinted up the ramp to escape.

The champ may have fled ringside but was spotted by the AEW television cameras still watching the match backstage.

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