WBD ‘Thrilled’ With AEW Dynamite Viewership

WBD ‘Thrilled’ With AEW Dynamite Viewership AEW

The Spectrum cable outage that affected AEW Dynamite’s audience hasn’t been enough to dampen Warner Bros Discovery’s spirits, sources suggest.

With a reported audience of thirty million homes affected by issues with video and audio during the broadcast on December 7 2022, the numbers could have been catastrophic for WBD, with Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics reporting an audience of 840,000 viewers.

Dave Meltzer took to Twitter to explain that WBD “were thrilled and should have been thrilled for reasons everyone but those who are determined not to learn probably readily already know and understand.”

He would go on to counter more criticism of his analysis by stating that: “TBS was thrilled. Not okay. Thrilled. Look at NHL average on sister station over prior four weeks and last night. You’ll see in black and white why they would be.”

Looking at the broader landscape of wrestling on broadcast television, Meltzer also explained that:

“Cable vs. cable Dynamite does beat Smackdown every time.

“But this week Raw was second in its time slot, Dynamite was second and Smackdown was second. 125 rated stations, 300+ stations.”

The November 30 episode of AEW Dynamite drew 870,000 viewers.

This was down from 880,000 viewers for the November 23 episode.

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2 years ago by Dave Adamson


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