Report: Real Reason AEW Video Game Keeps Getting Delayed

1 week ago by Dave Adamson

Report: Real Reason AEW Video Game Keeps Getting Delayed AEW

AEW Fight Forever was first announced in November 2020 and is being developed by legendary wrestling video game company Yuke’s.

Since its announcement, we’ve had announcement trailers (like the one at the end of this new story) and a regularly updated playlist on the AEW Games YouTube channel, but no actual game itself.

With a tentative 2022 release now consigned to history, Wrestle Zone have provided insight into the reason for the delay.

Wrestle Zone report that a source has confirmed that the delay has come due to an issue with the rating for the upcoming video game.

Despite a recently released trailer showing the game rated T for Teen, the ESRB hasn’t yet issued an official rating for the game.

Other sources have reported to Wrestle Zone that the blood and gore in the game at its submitted levels prevented the ESRB from awarding the Teen rating and that this has happened with multiple submissions.

It’s not all bad news, though, as the report also stated that “those close to the game are confident with where things are now” with the game once again being submitted for a rating.

It wasn’t stated with the specific issues were with the ESRB, but “everyone is feeling pretty confident” that things whatever the objection was had now been resolved.

Whilst the developers and AEW wait for the ESRB to return their official assessment, it does mean that AEW Fight Forever is unlikely to meet its next release date of February 2023.

With WWE 2K23 announced with a release date of March 17, there’s a high probability that we won’t see AEW Fight Forever in this financial quarter.

As Wrestle Zone notes, all the previous release date windows have fallen in line with AEW PPVs, with the next candidate likely to be Double or Nothing in May.

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