Update: AEW Fight Forever Trademark Opposition Extension Sought

Update: AEW Fight Forever Trademark Opposition Extension Sought THQ Nordic

It’s not been a smooth road to the release of the much-anticipated AEW Fight Forever video and now a legal hurdle has presented itself.

With no confirmed release date in sight, AEW Fight Forever has been hit with a number of delays since its announcement in November 2020.

A previous report had stated that the game was being aimed at the ‘teen’ ESRB rating, with work being done to fit into that category causing a delay in its release.

Reports have emerged that Game Changer Wrestling is seeking an extension in its trademark filings over the name of the game.

GCW filed documents requesting an extension over their opposition to the AEW Fight Forever trademark on March 1 2023.

The documents reveal that both companies are in settlement talks over the issue.

As stated by Wrestling Inc, Mike Dockins, who represents GCW and others in trademark proceedings, “filed the request for an extension of time to formally oppose AEW’s trademark.”

The deadline for the filing was March 2 but GCW “needed the extended deadline not just so it could further investigate the claim and confer with counsel but also because it’s “engaged in settlement discussions with [AEW].””

GCW had previously used the “Fight Forever” name for its January 2021 no-fans 24-hour event.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has noted that GCW wants to continue to use the ‘Fight Forever’ term for charity shows in the future, and isn’t actively looking to delay the release of the video game, or get money from AEW.

GCW filed to trademark the term ‘Fight Forever’ in July 2022, following AEW’s ‘AEW Fight Forever’ trademark filing a few months prior.

In response to a Twitter comment that “like most other wrestling people, they just want some of TK’s money”, GCW’s Brett Lauderdale responded by saying “GCW has never, and will never, ask for a dollar of Tony Khan’s Money.”

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