Major Update On AEW Fight Forever Video Game

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Major Update On AEW Fight Forever Video Game AEW

The video game AEW Fight Forever was announced in November 2020 and is still to see a release on major gaming platforms.

A previous report had stated that the game was being aimed at the ‘teen’ ESRB rating, with work being done to fit into that category causing a delay in its release, and that suitable for teenagers rating being secured.

Recently, reports emerged that Game Changer Wrestling is seeking an extension in its trademark filings over the term ‘Fight Forever’ to make sure they promotion can still use it for its own shows.

It had also been rumored that the game would release in late March, April, May or June 2023, with the March 31 date now having passed.

Dave Meltzer has now provided an update on the game through the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), writing:

“Regarding the video game, we haven’t heard anything new on a date.

“The game is basically ready and it’s just now up to the business people to build to the release date.”

The rumored text from the back of the game box has also previously been revealed and promised a talent roster of “50+ of the biggest names to enter the ring plus brand new, high-flying AEW stars!”

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